the best of me

Well, I did not use my pink camera to take this photo but photo from Instagram. You know why? Cause I happened to forget to bring it home and left it at dad's. But I needed this photo !

What did I do during this holiday?(missing Mr H ! hahahaha.. distance tore us apart, make me feel sad sometimes but well, I believe one day, I will be spending time like what couples do; already did actually but I want more...! ) One more week and the holiday will be gone!(quite nervous about the results :S) Well, though my plan is a little bit ruined ( I wanted to learn swimming), but at least I did something eventful though. Haha. which is finishing a book! This book, not mine actually. Mr H's. I feel rather heavy to return this book to him because I want to keep it even though I never plan to have another read. I just like to collect and collect.


This story behind this book, I won't summarise for you guys cause it will destroy the awesome suspense that the author had brought out. I would rather say, the twisted part of the story is the thing that made me think this book is another book that a story collector should not miss !

I love the way the author brings out the story to readers. wow!

A little bit inspired by the story. Love can do anything, really anything. Always noble and self-sacrificing :)

ps 1: I don't know whether this happens in real life, but I think somewhere sometime in another corner of the world, there is. Since miracle happens anyway :]

ps 2: I have to admit that I have not even meet up any of my friends here and my holidays are going to end soon! I am such a sober!

ps 3: What do you think of my newly created template? Not much changes, as usual, pinks !


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