He left me..

The title is shocking right? But it's real. Because I was wrong, and we fought, he hanged up my phone, he scolded me right, and I cried and we made up again :))))

The first time he left me, I cried.
The second time he left me, I don't.

I'm pretty strong now :)

p/s: It's not breaking up leaving, just merely leaving for holidays ! xP
p/s: And then I watched him wash toilet ! xD ahahhaa

Proudly presents........

US! so near and yet so far.... OOMG don't know he will kill me or not posting this up :P ME CUTE OR NOT ?! XD ps: this is taken before heading for that damn !@$## trekathon and Mr H got 26th :S and I got 10026 th. whatthehell...
p/s: first time posting up the-face-near photo ! A bit shy =.= girls out there, please don't get jealous and cursing me......... iwillcryrofflingonthefloor... zzzz

p/s: Going off from school for one week, precisely 10 days for deepavali holidays and... I will have a lot to study because there will be like three mid terms after that, one presentation, three assignments coming together ........OMFG why u guys go back hometown......

p/s: OMG breaking dawn part 2 is coming out next week friday ! Should I head down to somewhere cinema available place to watch it ? And then hor.... I WILL GO MIDVALLEY FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FEW DAYS TIME~ but I have to watch out for my money.. wish to spend under RM100.

p/s: sorry for toooo much ps-es

This is me and my coursemates attending trekathon ! I don't know why I look the most dumb one in the pic =.= and why they are so photogenic =.= haizzz life is so unfair... anyway quite fun meeting friends here ~~~ olala~


J-O-E-E-L-E-E- said…
hahhhaa. both of u so sweet and cute <3

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