2013 resolution !

Loooook at the title ! It's my 2013 resolution. I know no one is interested in this, but I blog this just for myself !

My next year resolution will be ranging from 1 to 3. So little in one year right ?
Let's seee.!

1. Reach my targeting weight which is 45kg and maintain it throughout my whole life.
2. Reaching and maintaining cgpa above 3.0
3. Eat healthily, be more mature. Think before I act or speak. Be an adult! (well, turning 20 next year, so sweeeeeeeeet! )

Last but not least, a photo of my gift from Mr H ! Actually I was just joking about making a Christmas tree. But hey, you did it for me ! Really feeling happy for being able to get this! So great!!!! Merry Christmas ;)

awesome right ?! I love it ! He is definitely an amazinggg guy that I ever met! I won't let you go. MUAHAHAHHAHA
p/s: 谢谢你的存在 然我觉得开心开心开心! 感恩!


Lucy❀ said…
The Christmas tree is so cute :D good luck on all your new years resolutions! I think I need to start dieting too >.< I have all this extra belly fat that I don't need.
MeowMeow Qian said…
Thanks Lucy ! ;) My boyfie made that for me ! extreme happy! :))) hahaha gambate! we all are trying to lose fat~~~

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