It's been so long

I am back !

Back into blogging..

I have been missing for so long because I was busy and chinese new year is going on, school assignments are going on as well, reports are coming as well.. So I just have no time to write but now. Also, breaking from doing reports.

Anyway, I had my CNY in Vietnam, super don't like the food. I would say I rather spend my cny doing nothing, goyang kaki at home. That will be better!

I am having mild sore throat now, also having ulcers in the mouth after eating so much beef in Vietnam. Well, MUET speaking test is on next Wednesday and I hope my sore throat will not aggravate further until I can't speak ==

Mr H on the other hand, having the same condition as me @@

I hope we can be better soon before Wednesday!! God Bless us ! :)


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