This is going to be my post

Today 20/2/2013. What day is today ?! Muet test and also ___. Finished my muet speaking test. I hope it was okay .. 
well, well, well.... time to blog on this sunny afternoon ! 

Few days ago,...

I had a terrible flight because I was experiencing a little bit of headache and dizziness. I was sick together with flu and cough. It had gone worse when I felt that my ear pressure is a little bit out of place. I usually have no problem with unbalance pressure whenever I am on top of the clouds. Well, I guessed it was due to the flu. So, I kept calm and luckily I did not vomit.... urgh. what a day. Can't imagine I vomit and all the mess @@

Approaching train station in kampar, someone called in; not Mr H of course. I was told that the owner of my house that I am staying now wanted to take back his/her house and I needed to move sooner or later. Urggh. what a day. 

Argh, bad day bad day..

Still having mild dizziness, I was so blur and entered my room. I saw a sunflower placed next to the window, subsequently, I saw something on my table. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I know who did that. Someone invaded my rooooooooooooom!

Saw it?!?! that's pretty shocking @@ how come Mr H do this to me ?!?! A t-shirt and a bottle of LOVES...
I called him right after I saw those stuff. He told me to open the toilet door, and guessed what did I see again ?!?!

It's pink It's pink... HOT PINK. with a paper heart.  >=>

Another t shirt for sports. Waaaaaahlao actually I do not really need this == I have no idea why Mr H bought so much stuff for me. Zzzzzzz

Making me feeling guiltyyyyy @@

All in all, I love this the most, because it's alive ! ;D p/s: actually it is my request, ahhahahaha cause his house has too much sunflowers. I hope it doesn't die, looking at the dry leaves... @@

Really have to appreciate this one guy who treats me like omg....

不管他送什么,给什么,你会觉得抱歉因为他花钱花钱!!!但你觉得抱歉,他就是对的人。不要放过你 娃哈哈哈哈 抱紧紧紧紧!!!! !

p/s: Thanks for all the stuffs that you bought for me using ur angpao money...AND ILYTFEYD


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