A hot and sunny afternoon..

I woke up since I cannot sleep any longer..

University life has never been easy to me. I have been here for almost two years. Finishing my degree year 1 will mark the full stop of two years.

What did I actually learn within these two years?

1. Friendships. Friendships are as fragile as crystal glass. Easily broken, hard to amend. That is how it works. To me, I have been into this thing here. Some rainy days, I would thought, how good it is if we are still the usually unusual friends :)

2. Relationships. They are fast. People get engaged towards each other so fast than I could imagine. Maybe some guys need girls and some girls need guys so deliberately. For me, I am in a relationship now, which I think the process is not as fast as lightning and not as slow as how the snail goes to school. I am happy with it . Glad that I met the right guy :]

3. Stress management. They are @!@$@#%#$ Studying in UTAR means a lot of stress to encounter. If you are not capable of having to study for two subjects (heavy one), handling in reports and back home at least 4 pm, 5pm and 6pm everyday, I strongly suggests you to quit schooling. LOL

4. Talkativeness is in need. You need to talk to have friends. If you are those typical people who will just stay quiet and keeping in your own world, you will be doomed, somedays. You have to face the world and change! Friends are important people who will actually teach and guide you in schools, most probably. They are people who will send reports to be copied. LOL just kidding. One more thing, don't try to exaggerate about how smart you are or thinking that you are the best. For me, I love joker friends like my fruity friends :] Even though they are not the best in study, well we have fun with each other everyday !

5. Indepedent. You have to grab chances to learn how to be independent. Not to rely on others to survive. Not to solely rely on your boyfriends for foods, and so on. I find girls who rely on their boyfriends are so weak, feeble and infirm. Even if your boyfriends offering somethings, try not to accept it. If you can do it by yourself, then do it la!

6. Responsible. Be responsible in what you are doing. Make sure you do it right too, don't be sluggish or cincai people because what you do will affect others as well! Do what you should do, and to all means try not to offend any of your friends by being irresponsible such as trying to dodge off from group work which irritates me a lot.

7. Learn cooking skills. This is what I really really learnt. I am forced to, and somehow, it turns into a normal thing. Girls should cook right ? I have no idea how to cook any dishes except for instant noodles when I reached here. Ok, my awesome Mr H teaches me a lot and I find guy who knows how to cook (Y). Well, now I NO NEED him already because I am a better cook ! =] I love steam fish because it is easy and the steps are important if not, it will ended up tasting like shit fish.

7. Smiles. This is the last one that I have in my mind. Smile to everyone. Even the lecturers. Even if you hate the person, just smiles. It's free anyway. The other day I was having my super hard exam in the lecture hall. I was sitting and waiting to be released so I sit like a boss. My lecturer, I think she was having a bad day because she was not smilling and was scolding my other friends during practicals. So, I sat there and somehow I had eye contact with her. The power of smilling makes her smile to me as well and questioned me done dy ka? well, I could not say anything other that smiling off shyly. # Lecturers remembering my name are indeed awesome and quite shocking feeling sometimes!

Alright, it is raining now, and I have no idea how to go to school other than skipping it. LOL I am so sorry Dr Tey..

Today's test was so and so.

Lesson learnt this week: Never ever think that you can sleep first then wake up in the middle of the night to study in university. Applied to me. So, I have to study earlier and earlier.......oh my. so stress now.


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