It is Saturday!

A day when people rest at home.

Me too.

I am resting but falling sick sooner. Maybe due to yesterday's rain.

Well, today is the end of Week 13. I have been through for 13 weeks. UPS AND DOWN.

Subjects are getting tougher day by day and I am not even getting tougher and tougher :(

Failing is like a norm in my life already.

I don't feel like failing my final though! I won't give up! I must brush up and get stronger !

In all means, I want to be the best one day....!

Some people might look down on me, but I won't give up ! I will show up one day no matter what!

My blog posts are getting lesser day by day, because I can't really spend much time blogging due to bad time management. Awwww, I still love blogging! :)

Till then, bye !


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