A piece of sky

This is a piece of blank sky. Needless to say, there is no motive in this picture. It just popped out from my mind that I wanted to take some photo and I did. I took the sky as it is the best to signify my feeling now. I am somehow feelingless, but full of thinkings to be done ! I need to brush up, a really brush up ! I have to stop procrastinating and start to be serious. Never take any information for granted. Never try to delay stuffs. Never try to give up because when you wake up the next morning, it will be just another normal day. Just like the sky, it can be cloudy at any time when the wind blows. Also, when the clouds form, it saturates and choose to transform into raindrops or either, choose to shade people from the warmness of the Sun ! Well, the sky is bright today, and I will look at the bright side of life ! :)

Okay, if you don't understand anything from what I am saying, let me just tell you. I failed a subject called cell biology in last semester and luckily, I still survived in certain forms. Now, I will appeal for it because I never thought of failing this subject and hopefully it succeeded and I can go on with another brand new me ! If it does not, I will accept it as I need to be responsible of my own doings. I will retake it and make it an A so that I will not regret ! Once is enough ! On the track, get set, RUN ! 向前冲!


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