this girl arrr...

I found out there is this little sweet girl (I admired her so much) on my facebook blocks me. I don't know about this until I viewed her profile yesterday. Well, I don't know how she did it but she is still my friends but the latest post of her was like 2 or 3 months ago. Hmmmph, I can't believe she did not online for most of the time, so I logged on to Mr H's facebook and go to her profile.

Wawwww, there are a lot of updates ! Okay, I know lah, she blocks me from her profile using the smart way. I don't know why ==" Maybe it's my facebook problem ? I don't know lah, so weird

I told Mr H everything because I just need to tell someone about it especially when it comes to his friends. Uh-huh, he told me "Maybe she wants me to view at her profile". Mr H has become hiao gong No. 1 already. aiyah, maybe she hates me for being with him ba. Oh well, I don't mind her doing that to I looked up how to view do something on my profile. I don't want to let her see too. There's a "restricted" button on the "Friends" there. I clicked on it, make her restricted from my profile. LOL 

After a while, I went back to her profile again and undo it. I think this is nonsense lah, no point doing so right? It makes my facebook so complicated. Okay, that's the end of my facebook story. I saw her in school the other day, I smiled at her, she smiled (weirdly...) at me in reply too. I thought what, lol, she hides her profile from me oh.oh ok. A woman does not care on what people think of her, just doing what she thinks is good and right to everyone :))) 

Oh ya, there will be upcoming entries on a new blog about something that is so fun to do and read guys! :))) hint: making use of my tripod stand! xP


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