I have many friends. I really do. How many of them are being my real/true friends ?

I guess I have few friends (I don't count my friends) in my mind now. My many friends are mostly comprise of the HI-BYE friends. They are good cause you get to smile to them occasionally when you meet them in school. Anyway, why do I choose to blog about this?

Cause I met a friend who is being bad to me. She hurt me unknowingly. I do not know whether she felt guilty or not doing this to me. That is why life is so unpredictable. She is good in front of me and yet she is not good after all! Parasitism. UHUH.

On the other hand, another friend is being true friends even though we are just HI-BYE friends. Thank God for him.

I tell myself to choose my friends wisely but it is hard. I do not choose friends actually. It is hard. I hope I can make it.

Anyway, this friend being untrue to me and I will let go of her away from my eyes, mouth and so on. She does not even worth to be mentioned again ! Only once in my blog, hopefully. Geeeez!

This is my real friends ! Hahahahhha >.<


Stephanie said…
Whee~ I also read your blog for sometime already.. Jia you ah!!

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