I use chinese words because I like it !
It was yesterday. The day that results were coming out. Since I have experienced the failing feeling, I am quite prepared for that. QUITE. It was just quite. I keep refreshing the student portal and waiting for the results to be out. It was terrifying and I was walking up and down left and right in the house but there was nothing to do. I walked out to the backyard and see seee a while. Then I got back to my laptop again. I felt my hands and legs are cold. It was raining though. I do not know whether it was the rain that cause these or I was nervous or what. I could felt my heart forcing and trembling its arteries to pump as much blood into my where ever part that needs it. Maybe it is the heart that neede oxygen most. Or the brain.

Alright, I finally clicked in. B, B, C+, C. (UTAR system seriously is something wrong, I thought I am answering all of the answers correctly already but I still get a C+ for it ==)

Opps. Wow, not as happy as getting kissed by Mr H. Hahahaha.

Satisfied. I told my mum about it and YAY! ^_^

Science subjects are wracking my life. At least my repeat subject I get a B. I was expecting an A- at least. WTF. But I will not give up because it is not my dictionary (hahahah!). Art subjects are better because it is all memorizing but it is dead (If you do not know the answers, don't worry, you still can goreng it until you get half of the marks). I don't like it. I get not so good grades in Science subjects but better grades in languages and arts but I still persist to go for it because it is what I am weak at and I need to be stronger to get over it.

You know why? I discover a suitable reason for it.

Like someone told me,

"Among all the sports in school, I choose netball or handball (Idk) because I don't know how to play it. It is not choosing something that you already know or good at =)"

So innocent, yet it can be so true.

I tend to choose sports that I already know how to play in school last time like everyone else. Unlike this special person. "Choose your favourite sports, like what the teachers are telling us last time." I am going to teach my children. "Don't choose your favourite sports, choose what you don't know because maybe one day you will find that you are better in it !" I find it so true because life is all about learning C=

Anyway, thankfully that I passed my neurobiology although it is a borderline pass. Cheese !

Thankfully that I managed to hike from 2.0 to 2.6. Great increment right ?

Thankfully that everyone has passed and for those who do not, do not give up ! It is no big deal at all ^^

For everyone who is concern, thank you. Muahahahhahahha.

* * *

Tomorrow I am going to leave for a new semester  ! For a better me =)


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