It's midnight!

Can you see my trimmed eyebrows? Mr H says "no one can have your eyebrows because it is so special that it is trimmed by person with zero experience." Duhhhhh. Nice what. =P

Munching on a greeny apple now and damn it, I miss you! Because you used to be here few hours back. So normal that I felt like having superpower like "Carrie" if you watched. I could fly to KL and knock on the window sill and say hello Mr H.

Three short days were spent with loads of loves! However, I felt that I have little talks with you. Sometimes, I have too much things to tell but when you are there, I cannot seem to talk much because they are way too much until I cannot find where should I start.

Thank you for everything, dear MR H. Keep it up for your internship! See you on 21th Dec 2013 at KLIA!(Probably) >.<

Time for a good night's sleep!

Word of the day

"Stop wishing, start doing. "(Applying onto midterms!)


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