Lovely Mr H

I was/am having the most boring subject in my entire university life; interpersonal communication. It was so bored that I took out my phone and try to text and complain to Mr H. Well, he did not reply me until 2 or 3 hours later. I understand and accept that. Hahahah. Anyway, I browse through my gallery and saw this! It cured my boredom in class!

He was selfie with my camera! Then it dawned on me why he was lurking at my phone in the car the other day while I went to buy some snacks for home movie. I thought he was checking my messages and I told him I did not text any guys la, even if there is, it is important stuff only. Oh my, i was being so negative minded and he can yet be so positive! So he was doing this!

So readers with bf,gf tiny things in life that will carve smiles on your face are most blessed thing after all! It does not have to be big or expensive or perfect or time consuming or whatever it is. Thank you MrH for curing my boredom in class! You came at the right time!


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