Aduiiii !

Now I understand how hard it is to make up. To doll up yourself on the face is so hard ! I got my make up stuff this afternoon and I tried to put some on my face, especially the eyes part. It is so damn hard lehhh ! @@ My hands are too stiff and I definitely not used to it. This is an art. Make up is an art. XD

Damn it, I will make it someday !!!! ;)

Today is the first day of new semester ! I was pretty late; 1 minute later than lecturer. I was early already because my friend late for 1 hour leh ! Anyway, I felt so happy see-ing my friends; papaya, gomaalam and so on because they just back from internship! Papaya saved one place for me already or else I have to get a chair or table from next door. Even before I sat down, my friends already congratulating on my new hair colour ! HAHAHAH

They are complementing me lehh ! I can't afford not to smile at them >.<

Hehehe =)


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