New year ~

Hello! I am back!

I felt like I lost the entire interest in blogging and updating except for instagram. So, I cannot be like that and hence I am HERE ! To be more precise, I lost the entire hardworking me. Everyday, I sleep at 1 am and wake up at 11 or 12 am. Duhs. At least, I jog in the morning with my parents on the first day of new year. What am I going to blog about ? Of course, my holiday trip to Sibu ! ;D

Two days with big feast at night. Last year Dad bought a new four wheel drive and so he wanted to try it out so we were driving to Sibu on !#!$$% BUMPY ROADS.

Every year gathering's 

Reached grandpa's house at noon and still had some time to chill around and rest. At night, foods arrived and WOOOOO! so many people ! cutest boy aka Felix was the joker of the night! He is my youngest cousin. Last time I saw him he was so little around the age of 4 or 5. And now, he was super FAT aka Chubby. And he dances and sings.

I shall continue by the caption-ing. xD

My bro and sis with Felix HO! hahahaha, His face complexion is so good and smooth and whenever people see him, feel like pinching his TWO FAT CHEEKS. Well, he is goodboy ;D 

Another cute and talkative little boy called Nean ! He won a lot of singing contest and speaking contest. He talks very arrogantly but in a cute way ;D But he is way tooo thin ! 

This is JoyJoy ! My another cousin ! She sings like pro lehhh ! She has a good voice and can sing 我是一只小小小鸟 very nicely!!! Most of the songs she sing was perfect ! Even old songs. She says she sing based on the tempo, so basically she can sing every songs.

GongGong treat everybody a feast ! ;D

Owh, Felix Ho again ! He loves taking photographhhhhs >.< Eat like a monster !!! 

Random photo of my aunt and mum and sis and cousins! 

Cornelius aka naughty boy did a real shot of punching my brother. Hahaha.

So my holiday proceeded with going to my another aunt's new house who is previously my tuition teacher during primary school! Her house is so damn big and all the interior design is by herself ! So lihai ! But a little bit messy cause too much stuffs.

I love this photo because my legs look slim inside. xD 

Proceeding to visiting my uncle's office because he is a manager ! Take photo for remembrance! Hahaha ;D

Christmas Night and GongGong's Birthday !

This is meaty Christmas tree ! 

Arranged by me ;))) I did help with cookings !

Mixed veges by uncle's wife Felicia! ;D

Another meaty and yummmehhhs! PORK AND QUACKKK QUACKKS !

Legendary awesome home made chicken rice ! 

Normal fried mee ;D

Char Kuey Tiao ! 

Oh this is, LOI LOI in chinese. I have no idea what this is called in English.

Prawnnnnssss is my favourite but CRABS is my most favourite >.<

Mum's pork roll which taste better than the last time I ate. More tangy.

Mum's butter chicken! No mint >.<

Fried chickennns.

Fried chicken wingss.


This is my aunt's part. She cuts fruits xD

Felix Ho daddy who is youngest uncle, bought some outside dishes ! ;D 

Mixed veges ! 

No idea what is this

This is PORK. 

Hanging out at eldest uncle house ! ;D 

Here comes FELIX HO ! hahahhahahha 

Happy Birthday gonggong !! 


GONGGONG's grandchildren except two eldest are not here. My brother is having internship in Miri and second eldest is having finals!

Sister doing candid shot drinking sparkling juice ! 

Another Felix Ho ! He ate 2 bowls of mee sua and 1 plate of chicken rice and his mum said he is wearing his dad's T shirt which made us laugh at him ;D 

Coincidentally the four girls wearing fitting colours ! Hahahha This is taken by my aunt because last time we were taking this photo in this position, sitting at the same sofa ! ;D  The difference is only the age. Hahaaha.

Me, Vincent and sis. My fat thighs :@ almost same size with Vincent's. wth  TT

Cheeeese ! ;D

Hahahah. This is my protector woh! 

Just random ! ;D with all the cousins ~
Celestine and Cornelius. Bro and sis. Under the lights 

Before I forget, this is a video of Felix Ho singing Gangnam Style ! HAHAHAHAHA  ! >.<

So this is the end of my post ! I hope next year I will be able to be there too ! Till the next post, tadaaaaa. Owh, I'm so tired ... issit time to sleep ? LOL


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