Happy Birthday ;)

It was Papaya's birthday celebration yesterday ! What brings three of us together ? ;) We are East Malaysians and coincidentally our hometown are right next to each other. Mirian Bruneian and Limbangian. HAHAHHA!! Feel good to have you guys here !

Just a small cake ;)

Make as many wishes that you can 

We may have different personalities, that is why we are meant to be together. Friends forever fruity girls!!! :)
* * *

Today I woke up at 11 am sharp. It was a good sleep after being waking up everyday at 7 am since the semester starts. This semester will be the most hectic one because I needed to wake up at 7 am for my 8 am class everyday except Tuesday where my class started at 9 am but it does not make any difference after all. What about Saturday and Sundsy ? I really have a super tight schedule because I always have something to do that requires me to escape from my beauty sleep. Thanks to the Faculty night which is coming soon!

I am in-charging of publicising the event and I take up with the video production. Thanks to so many friends who are willing to help me for the video shooting. Cannot wait for the video to be out ! And most importantly, cannot wait for the night to commence! p/s: Mr H and I will be wearing couple outfits ! >.<

Despite everything, still, midterms are everywhere. Pop quizes are everywhere. And YES, as I am still academically concerning lady although I did not show much, I am very sibeh very sibeh happy when my friend told me I get 8/9 for the practical pop quiz. SIBEH HAPPY LEH! I even told my mum and she say so lihai?! hahha. I always lihai one I know, just that I need to concentrate more when lecturers are lecturing.. but I could not. LOL that was why I failed my cell bio ==! wtf. now I still hate "that" lecturer. Wanted to smack her but I could not because I should not and will not. I will just keep it here. Because of her, I could not go for my internship and have to postpone it to the last sem. Puck her. Nevertheless, I know God has better plan for me.

Anyway, I am happy with myself everyday now because my life is so complete. LOL

* * *
This chinese new year, my big brother wrote a letter in English (because he do not how to write chinese) to mum on two days before chinese new year eve. He wrote about his confession that  he stopped studying in Curtin already since the last two years. He wrote that he had no interest in mechanical engineering anymore because syllabus was getting harder and totally lost interest in it. He stopped studying now already. We did not know that until two years later which is this year. Everything is explained and now, it is a clear sky already. Glad that he found a job with rm800 per month only. He told me once, he wanted to be a stock broker. Nevertheless, I hope he can be successful one day because he is my brother. His life is full of things that I will never ever think of.

How about me? I still love studying biomedical just that my results are not that good because I did not study very well and the main point is NOT ENOUGH TIME LO. But I will tell myself to graduate with a 3.0 and above so that I can brat about it.

Future? I have no idea what am I going to do but I will tell you when I reach my future.

Everything is going well in my family and study and so on ba. My mum rough hands become smooth liao after she stopped working and she is free to do anything she likes at home. My little brother is studying accounting and he is doing better than me. fuck. Little sister is facing SPM this year and I have a strong feeling that she is going to pursue medicine which was once my dream. My dad? keep travelling ever since he stopped working lo. Airasia so cheap who don't want to travel. I believe he is on top of Mount Kinabalu now. My cousin danny gets ipad mini lo. sibeh happy lo. ME? HAPPY WITH MRH LO! XOXO


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