I need a break from the outside world

I find myself draining out of vocabs recently. I desperately need more readings. BUT I do not have ample time to do any readings (the one I like, not lecture notes) !!

Anyway, few days ago, I just ended my duty as one of the comittees for Faculty of Science Prom Night. It was truly a very painful and anguish moment, I should proclaim. Within it, there is still fun of course, with my friends !

Anyway, Why? Well, it's not about the event itself, it's the journey towards the event. It was excruciating a pain in the ass or the heart to me rather than feeling reluctant to let go. The event itself is quite good with some mistakes here and there.

It should not be me, like this. I have no passion in doing things under that event. There is nothing except the very first responsibility when I entered as a committee member which is I should do what I should do. Solely, just a responsibility. It felt like, forced to work rather than willing to work. and I certainly do not want to feel so.

Why? I guessed it is the bonds between all of us. The hatred that each other have. The stabbing back to back without confronting it out. The anger buried deep down in the heart without being spoken out. I saw a lot, and I did that too without realising. The laziness within ourselves. The excuses to exclude yourself out. The reluctance to commit fully. In the end, it feels like stepping on the sand without leaving any footprints behind.

Anyway, it has come to an end already. It is futile to keep on ranting it here but a sense of relieve has finally dawn on me. It ends ! Happily because it finally ended ! FUH!

Of course during that night LOADS OF PHOTOS TAKEN !!! Especially with my biomedics friends ! They are being so supportive leh!! Super like them >3<

I will upload some of my best photos only :P You can add my on facebook if you are interested to view it because all the photos are there! :D

Sexyback :D

A bunch of biomedics girls ! Thanks for supporting !!! LOVE YOU ALL LEH!!!!!
Thanks to Leon for the videos ! :)

They are my lab partners !! ^_^ Thanks for being there to help and teach


This couple is my video's main characters ! Thanks to them !!!!!!! 

I took photo with Miss sunshine ! xD She is one of the performers for our prom night ! Thanks for helping out ! :)

Thanks to decoration team for making this extravaganza backdrop! ;)

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, OUR FIRST PROM TOGETHER ! You are handsome, I am pretty :P p/s:My boobs are so big and droopy WTF x.x
Last but not least II, photo that I like the most from facebook !

Credits to GYK & HS for this photo ! We were ending our performance happily, like finally !!! 


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