Finally !

Midterms, endterms, non-stop reports had finally ended this semester ! It is a very very hectic semester. At least, for now, I still did not fail any midterms yet :O Thank God.

Thank God too, for giving me the luck that I really needed. I get first choice for my final year project ! Luckily the lecturer chose me because there were other friends who chose her too. I was the luckier one. Sadly, my two other friends did not get their choices chosen and needed to enter 2nd selection and so, very sad lah! They were crying also. And I do not know what to say, so I just kept quiet and asked them to prepare for midterm instead. Hmm. Life is so unfair sometimes ...

Anyhow, they got another choice already regarding Aedes mosquitoes stuff. Thank God !

Next semester will be another challenge too ! FYP is starting and I am going to draw my own blood for experiment. Anyone want to donate healthy blood to me ? :D

Nearing to 2nd Anni le! p/s: photo is purely fictional pls ! xP


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