Above all, I need these.

I know that I have been losing my confidence.

It's the main problem that I am facing now.
I need confidence.
I will be searching it.
Yes, I will :)

1. Groom myself
( Brush my hair neatly and presentable before going to school)
2. Dress myself
( Wear presentable clothes that is including no SLIPPERS to school anymore!)
3. Think positive
(Don't think too much of useless craps that only happen in the mind and not the reality)
4. Get to know myself
(Find my dreams =) )
5. Get prepared
(Prepare for midterms, prepare for everything to bits, TO THE VERY LAST BITS)
6. Speak slowly
(Speak slowly as it says)
7. Set a small goal and achieve it
( Top 10 for coming run ! My Dad for example, he can do it, why not me? )
8. Change small habit
( Wash my face daily every night and don't skip brushing teeth at night )
9. Empower yourself with knowledge
( Read more books )
10. Thankful
(Say thank you everyday )


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