Big Big Girl

Ow Yeaa. Finals are over with firecrackers.

To date, I still feel upset about the truth that I am going to fail another paper this time. I marveled at how "easy" the questions were and yeah, I "did" it. This time I am so doomed because the papers were hard and I have zero confident on which papers that I am going to score. Except ONE paper which I guarantee I will pass with at least a B+ or maybe A-

Others all go to HOLAND LOR. fml.
Somemore, I was sick during this finals FML again. That Sick is not ordinary sick, is feverish sick FML again. fml leh. That fever still got on and off button like switch somemore. fml.

Now, if and only if I fail any of the papers, I will announce that I am officially going to extend for another 2 semester which makes me Y4T2 only then I can graduate which is the Dec 2015. FML FML I could squeeze all the subjects together and make it but God knows no one can do it with so much subjects to take. Later I jump lake but no, I still want to get married and have cute baby with my husband lor.

Okay, so today, I am just sitting in my room and wait for MrH to end his finals too! Apparently later than me one day. heheh. But makes no difference at all because we are one team. If our finals are not over, means not over la for both of us lol. Tonight we are going to celebrate our ending of Y2T3 even though the finals are like cowdung. Yuck.

This entire semester was very busy with many things and we only watched movie for GOD knows ONE TIME ONLY. wtf. That one was before chinese new year somemore. So long ago! Perhaps, movie tonight? Spiderman? xoxo

Wait, we watched a movie too at home. More like anime-movie. Its Hayao Miyazaki latest collection. If you know who he is? If you know the big fat grey cat Totoro then you will know. Its called the “The Wind Rises" or 起风了 o風立ちぬ Its a good movie you know, something to do with dream. So I started to search for the totoro cat movie and now I am downloading all his productions ! Is my anime-freak coming back ?! Imagine last time I keep watching fairytail to no ends, and now delayed by 80 episodes already! I cannot! Still need to prepare for my final year project for coming semester! Wish me luck ! Anyway, its time to do my things already. Packing has to be done! Will be away for the symposium in UKM KL tomorrow ! :D Hope everything goes well yeah~~ 

This is the totoro cat I meant earlier on! Cute right >.<


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