Finally it had ended !

God grace, I passed all my finals with surprisingly better results ! I want to thank myself and all the people around me !! I nearly get stroke because cannot breathe while scrolling down the screen to look at my grades. And I was searching for "F" but no where to be found.

OHHH THANK GOD. AMEN. I did it which I do not know how did my lousiest subject get better grades than others. Well, UTAR is always unpredictable. You feel you will fail but you did not, you feel you won't fail but you did. So funny and that is how life treats you.

When you google "happy" there are 824,000,000 results and when you google "sad" there are only 198,000,000 results. So there are a lot of happy things in the world ! Be happy !!!!

This is how I feel now! Heheheh.
p/s: It is almost time to pack already, can I don't leave my super homey home? I want to watch drama day and night without doing anything, without worrying anything.......


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