The Fault In Our Stars

I've read the book. I finished it in less than 48 hours because it is Goddamn contagious.
It is easy to understand because person like me needs simple English to make it understandable. 

It touches me whole, whole as in mentally and physically
Mentally because it affects me, sort of like ; "I was having cancer for that less than 48 hours."
Physically because it affects me too, "I have a zombie eyes right now but could not fall asleep because Hazel and Augustus endings are imperfectly drawn." 

That book is quite depressingly sad with a bite of happiness
It touches about death and death and death. Cancer and cancer and cancer.

Despite all that, it depicts how cancer patients fight for their lives. Breakups, heartbroken.

Like I said, "I can feel that I'm a cancer patient" yesterday.

It is a great book to read and to watch too! (Movie is coming soon! as in very soon!)

Personal thought: I hope cancer is incurable but improvable (as in not able to run normal lives like Hazel; not death because everyone faces death in the end). If not, it ruins IT


wenfang said…
Yea I wasnt expecting to be touched when i walked in for this movie. Almost everyone sobing at the end of movie. The fake funeral by Augustus took my breathe away the most. OMG.

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