The Fault in Our Stars #2

I only draw when the mood comes. And it rarely find its way to me
When it does, I do it no matter how busy I am. 
I could feel my heartbeat every shades, every lines I make.
I feel a pinch at the heart when the lines do not find its right place. And I hate erasers.

i find that my blogging way sounds so emo but I am not. 

Still the stupid slow meowmeowqian :P

The drawing of my love. It is not perfect at all but I am still improving! :D 
 This is not the first pencil drawing I did. The first I did, was submitted to my art teacher and I lost it after I got a "A+" for it. They are people who appreciate my hardwork. I remember I drew it by sitting my dad's shop and started scribbling in front of the customers who shop around. Could not forget those compliments.

The second pencil drawing.. Augustus does not look real, but I am still improving!  #thefaultinourstars 
I hope my "he" comes to me again. 


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