Biggest resolution of the year

control my temper
I must say that I have really bad temper and this is always within and inside of me. UHHHHH I know this is bad and I let it go viral in my blood SO BADDDD 

So my resolution for this year is to control my temper practically towards Mr H

I search around the net and saw something I think I can do it

1. Think about the good things that person has done to you
Yes, sometimes I did but that is after I throw a super duper temper at someone only then I realise this. I must think this before I get angry.

2. Stop talking to that person for few minutes and take a deep breath
I think I can do this because when I don't talk, I think a lot. Maybe I should take a deep breath too. Let the oxygen dismiss my bad adrenaline rush

3. Patience is happiness
Be patient with anything. JUST BE PATIENT 

4. Forgive myself and learn the lesson
Stop talking, think to learn the lesson because you are always wrong if you gets angry.

5. Get over it and apologize
Get over fast and apologize. Provided that the person you are angry with forgive you too.

6. Realize that no one likes to be with aggresive person
This applies to everyone. Who likes to be with someone who can be angry so easily

7. Remember your temper can ruin your life
Yeah, you lost the one you love. It hurts, right?

8. Think of what is the baddest thing you can do if you are angry
To think prehand before you gets angry. Limit yourself when you are angry. For instance, you should not say "Let's break up" when you are arguing over simple stuffs because that sentence hurts a lot and reality dawn on you and its too late to go back. I used to do this quite a number of times and luckily he is not bad temper like me :S now I feel bad.

So this is my biggest resolution of the year that I can think of before I venture into adult life which must be more complicated than lovey dovey relationship LOL

Source: wikipedia


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