Unemployment period

Writing this piece of post is to remind myself on how suffering it is to my mental age. LOL

You definitely reminisce the moments when you are still an undergraduate, especially when you are in this period of time: J-O-B-L-E-S-S

 I have unofficially graduated in the month of October 2015 (To be exact, 23 October when the final results are out, HAHAHA consoling myself :P) And look what is the month now? 

February 15, 2016. (It's a day after Valentine's, obviously people know this lol) How long did I stay unemployed? 

October, November, December, January, February (5 months) That is so long! 
To be exact: 3 months and 24 days (Not that long tho hahahha)

Well, unemployment, to me is rather suffering to the mentality.
At least my parents did not pestering me by asking "Did you get a job already?", "Did you find job?". They just remained quiet. 

I was suffering because it's what I should be, right? 

Everyday I wake up to , "Ahh, I hope someone called me today." Sometimes you feel uneasy because calls might be at anytime. I cannot really sleep well. I cannot sleep till very late because the office hours start at 9 am (But then, I still LOL). People will be calling as early as that and you definitely do not want to wake up by the call and speak with your just-wake-up-tone. 

I spend the entire days doing nothing! Sometimes I bake, Sometimes I went out with friends, Sometimes I read, Sometimes I just watch tv. It's not good right? I know. I want to find a part time job but it was always not on the right time (Maybe, its an excuse?)

Yesterday, I saw a blood donation campaign by Miri Red Crescent Society, which is the club that I was very very excited before during secondary school days. I love MRCS! I saw a senior who is currently waiting for government for housemanship in the hospital. Then, another senior too! Both were taking medical related field as their degree courses. I felt sad because I did not think of volunteering myself in MRCS. Why didn't I thought of joining them in the beginning. (I was scared of stepping out of the comfort zone I guess? I was thinking a lot of things, something like joining this will delay my employment period and all) 

Anyway, it's too late. 

I feel better now. It's okay, people make mistake. 

Now, I would like to conquer my fear and give it all I can to stop this unemployment period and that will be the 1st chapter of my career. 

Printing out the hard-copies of the documents I need makes me feel so much better, that I will be soon an employed person. 

Wish me luck, peeps!


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