Leaving home again

Yes, the title says it all...

In another 6 days (not including today) I am bound to leave my beloved home again for the second time. The first time was 4 years ago, which I can travel back during semester break.

Well, 4 years after. I stayed at my home for 10 months (completing my internship at hometown + unemployment period) and now, in six days time, I got to leave home again. To the city.

My feelings are mixed, because I need to leave home and I bet I only will be home again next year for chinese new year unless I threw my job away. On the bright side, its a job of my field, and like finally I have a job!! (really sick of jobless period *vomit*)

So here am I, coming out with a list of things that I should be aware of for my first job!

1. Be humble and learn to ask when you are not sure
2. Be honest
3. Be friendly
4. Do it right
5. Understand the theory behind all the things
6. Be polite and smile (definitely not a problem)
7. Arrive at work on time or 10 mins earlier
8. Greet people, meet people and remember their names!
9. Be sure
10. Attentive when people are talking

These are all I can think in a short while.

Okay, wish me all the best in my job! :D


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