Humans, really?

Hello peeps!

Do you guys ever fast from meat, whether it's pork, chicken, beef and all the meaty stuffs? 

Yes I did. Just recently.
I fasted for like 4 days without any full proper meal of meat(I mean 70 % is all meat) All I ate was carbs and little big of meat. Such as few chunks of meat balls which comes together with the portion of carbs that I ordered. 

So today, I finally had some meat. Which is a drumstick with curry gravy. 

I had this for my lunch. Should be brunch instead. I definitely feel that this chunk of drumstick is very unhealthy. I feel that it's addicitive. 

Then around 2.30pm I suddenly crave for more chickens. I don't know why because I wasn't even hungry! But I just crave for something to eat, especially meat. Then, fifteen minutes later, I was having chicken bites  already. I feel so bad for my body 😲😲😲

So, eating chicken in this twenty first century is definitely not okay especially when you don't know whether the chicken is OK or KO. 


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