His birthday.

Today is his birthday. 

It's been forth year. The forth year we have been together.

We officiated our anniversary on 20 May 2012. That makes me looking him growing up for ...

5 times. Wow! I didn't realize tho! 

First birthday celebration was pretty funny. I wanted to give him surprise. I bought 19 little things and also 19 birthday cards. Hahahaha before sunrise, I braved myself and cycled across the road to his house. And pasted the 19 cards on his bicycle! It looked like this. 


It was dawn and I really looked like a thief doing this thing lol. His buddy room was on the ground floor and I fucking scared if I woke him up! Luckily it didn't happen. Lol then we celebrated at the Japanese restaurant and had I bought three pieces of SR cakes. Well, 3 because of ily? Hahahah 

Then here comes the 2nd birthday!

The most hyped! Because celebrated with his big gang of friends! I remembered I wasn't having any class that day and went home early and cycled out(under super hot sun!) to get the cake (luckily it didn't fall out of place) Around 6.00 pm I waited for the bus to go back to uni, solo ride cause everybody is heading home and I was heading to school and the uncle didn't charge me! (Idk why I still rmb this while typing this lol) 

They have night class until around 7 pm! Or 8 i forgotten. Tataaaaaaa surprised him when he came out of the class. Hahahaha luckily the friends helped me a lot! Then we had dinner and then dessert at Alley John ( I heard its closed down dy lol) 

Thanks to them ! Cause I know he cares about his friends a lot! (Really miss uni moments where we can haeeeee whenever we want but really hate the midterms and finals still lol) 

Here comes the third birthday! 

No more friend surprise but a solo one lol 
Getting lazier tho. Hahhahaha 

Customized a cake for him and just celebrated like normal. I rmb I brought the cake to his room and he was bathing lol what a wrong timing I caused hahhahahaha

Super sweet cake cause it was fondant cake 

Forth birthday was last year. We were separated because of my internship at my hometown and he was working in another place as well. So I think I just wished him happy birthday whole heartedly hahaha . Oppps. 

This year, we are working adults liao! We celebrated with the family and his new boss! 


For the good years to come, may you be happy and good in health! That's all I wish you, my dear! 


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