Recap 2016 !

Hello everybody! Let me recap what is happening in my life this year, since I happened to be like MIA (missing in action) at times. I am definitely not a good memoriz-er so let me make use of all the pictures I took this year to remember all these :D 


Ups and downs. Play and play. Fly and fly.

Learn how to bake a perfect Japanese cotton cheesecake

Playing and enjoying my life with Emo

Heading to the place I was born

Cook for my cousins lol

Enjoying my day with cousins at grandpa's!


Exercising to reduce fat!


Graduation Day!

No personal picture of my own except that I do not want to show my ugly fat studio picture T_T


Started my first official job ;D


Went to Teluk Kampi for camping!

Yumcha session with fellow brothers hahhahha

Someone was sick T_T


Weekend getaway at a farm (That's a furry rabbit lol)

Gathering with uni friends

Hiked Penang Hill (hell lots of staircases)

Cameron trip with bf's family

Planting my first batch of corns! (ended up tasted not nice T_T)

farewell to one of my colleague

Meet my familywho came to visit in Cameron Highland! :D
Turn out to be our birthdays :D

Visiting MrH's new place :D
Annual dinner which I performed a dance but too lazy to search for the pictures X_X (feeling flu-ish now)
Say Hi!


Mayday's concert !!! Fall in love with their songs after that. (Wanna go again T_T)

Full fledged marathon but overtime O.O (Gonna do it again, perhaps?)
First time oncall (stress!)


No pictures to post. This year has been a life changing year as I started to learn how to responsible to myself, to everyone around, to the surroundings, to my parents, to my lover and so on. I learn how to take care of myself at times, learn how to cope with stress (HARD!!!), learn how to manage my finance, learn how to budget my spendings wisely, and most important thing of all, be happy in what I am doing and giving my best at all times. Hoping 2017 will be another great year!

See you tomorrow 2017! :D

p/s: can't wait to spend my NYE with MrH and the family! 


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