Its been a year...

How fast the time traveled through?

I am here.


Its 6 April 2017.

Have been working for exactly a year. for now, a year +.

Stepping into adulthood is not easy, though. Especially the waking up part.

You cannot laze on the bed for minutes after minutes because if you do so, you gotta have a bad record. If you are responsible enough towards your job, you will not allow yourself to do so.
Proudly to say, within this one year, I was never late for work :P

I learnt how to be independent, totally. hahahhaha. without the help of my mrh.
Sometimes when he offered to help me, like sending me for work and all, i was touched. and also how he gave the best food on the table for me.

I was sick. not long ago. he was there for me. luckily. its not easy to be alone when you are sick.

I broke down and he calmed me. [only you and I know]

Just here to keep an update for myself :D XOXO time to sleep! hahahhaha! Can't wait for our 5th anniversary photoshooting! I told mrh, I just want a photoshoot to commemorate the prettiest time of my life. hahahhahahahhahahahahah ~

太阳花 好美 [random]


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